RAD 25th Anniversary Poster

I started designing this around the summer of 2010, I just thought that RAD deserved a better poster and I would be upset if it was done by someone who didn’t really love the movie. Then some other fans of the movie with way more vision than me started a movement to have a 25th anniversary party in Cochrane, Alberta, CA where the movie was filmed. So I decided that the least I could do was to submit my poster to their poster design contest.

When I was designing the poster I wanted to include all those little things that I remembered as a kid. The Tristar Logo, the pink watering elephant, the clock that Cru is trying to beat on his paper route, the announcer who says “hulk hogan eat your heart out”, the “1000 times the porch” guy, the “he’s such a nice boy” lady, Bob “not Blob, Smartass”, and of course… “Hollywood Mike Miranda with his third dramatic accident of the day”. I didn’t want to leave anything out

It’s not that hard to find all the things I was hiding in there. There’s also a Canadian flag because of their support of the movie and the INHD logo which many fans will recognize from the corner of their bootleg dvds

Prints available at Etsy

NON 25th anniversary version available at Society6

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