Welcome to The Schubox

During the day working as a software developer for a government contractor he toils in front of dimly lit computer screens. But when he gets home and removes his khaki paints and sensible business casual shirt a more dangerous side emerges. A side that isn’t afraid to indulge in the dark arts of Adobe Illustrator or sink it’s devious fingers into a fresh bag of clay. Out of this comes paintings, prints, sculpture, or the occasional logo design.
Mark is currently living in Fairfax, Virginia. A graduate of George Mason University with a degree in Digital Art.

Sometimes people want to just see what I’ve done and some people actually want to buy things from me. I appreciate it either way.

Some prints are available in the stores, but everything that isn’t listed as sold is available through email. Have a look around, if you like something just drop me an email

Mark Schumaker